What Are the Main Differences between Water Soluble CBD and CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly known, is becoming increasingly popular in health and wellness communities across the country. Many of us have seen CBD stores pop up in our communities, and many of us have perhaps even tried CBD, hopefully with many beneficial results. Indeed, the benefits that CBD offers are many.

While CBD is becoming increasingly popular, there are still a number of questions surrounding it as it is relatively new and this is, of course, understandable. There are many terms commonly used where CBD is concerned, and it can be difficult to distinguish between them in order to determine which product is the best fit for your needs without some knowledge about the differences between how the products are formulated and what advantages they offer.

Water-Soluble and Oil-Based CBD

Two of the most commonly used types of CBD products include CBD oil and water-soluble CBD. When many people commonly think of CBD, they often picture oil-based products like tinctures, creams, and balms. These products are wonderful and provide many benefits, although one defining characteristic of these products is that they are typically not meant to be swallowed. While tinctures are often placed under the tongue, oil-based products are generally not swallowed in larger amounts – and for good reason.

As we have all likely heard before, water and oil typically don’t mix. This is true in nature and it is certainly true in our bodies. As a result, CBD (which naturally comes in an oil form) can only be incorporated into the body in its natural oil state topically or in a tincture form with delivery directly under the tongue. Why is this so?

The answer has to do with a long word that really means something quite simple – bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to how much of any given substance the body can actually absorb. In the human body, we have something called first-pass metabolism. This essentially means that, when a substance is swallowed and passes through our digestive tract, its concentration is greatly reduced by our digestive system prior to reaching circulation. This ultimately causes a decrease in bioavailability. If we want to consume CBD orally, we need to find a way around first-pass metabolism to ultimately increase bioavailability. That’s where water-soluble CBD comes in.

The Science behind Water-Soluble CBD

Water-soluble CBD is ultimately created by converting naturally oil-soluble CBD extract into another, more bioavailable form. As our bodies are primarily made up of water, this idea makes sense and in reality it works very well to achieve its intended effect. It can be helpful to imagine CBD oil as somewhat of a big drop of oil that enters our stomach and is too large to pass through our stomach lining on its own. When it is converted into a water-soluble powder, however, the CBD oil is broken down into tiny nanoparticles that are essentially tiny micro sized pieces. In this form, our bodies can better absorb the CBD and we receive significantly more benefits.

What CBD Products Are Water-Soluble?

The good news about water-soluble CBD powder is that it has quite a wide variety of uses. Energy drink powders and softgels are two popular and primary uses and are both wonderful ways to experience the effects of CBD. Each of these types of products can be consumed orally, and if formulated correctly with water-soluble CBD, can deliver benefits quite quickly.

As with any product, however, the benefits a product is able to deliver are only as high-quality as the methods used to manufacture that product. That is why it is important to select products from a CBD provider that focuses on quality from the very beginning. Om Grown Organics is one such company. Om Grown Organics is a company that believes that simple is best. It focuses on producing pure, simple, and beneficial products and providing honest answers to customers about where its products came from. The best products begin with the best ingredients, and Om Grown Organics believes its customers deserve the best ingredients.

For customers looking for water soluble CBD products, Om Grown Organics offer wonderful options which includes:

  • Softgels: Om Grown Organics offers three varieties of highly effective, water soluble softgels: plain or with the added supplements of curcumin and melatonin. These phytocannabinoid-rich softgels are carefully formulated with a patent pending, water-soluble hemp oil, and the proprietary water soluble formula guarantees quick and effective delivery of the benefits desired by customers.

It is an exciting time for those seeking to try CBD in our country today; it offers so many benefits and provides them in a safe, natural, non-addictive way. Thanks to ongoing scientific research, those interested in using CBD can use an oil-based or water-soluble form, depending upon what is best for their particular needs and circumstances. At Om Grown Organics, health and wellness is our passion, and we believe that an informed customer is a happier customer. Should you have any additional questions regarding the differences between oil-based and water-soluble CBD, or any other questions about our products generally, we would welcome the opportunity to talk with you. Call us today.